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  • Visits are NOT covered by any insurance, however, you can use your HSA/FSA account to cover visits.

  • We can also provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance and depending on which insurance you have you can POTENTIALLY get reimbursed for some portion of your visits.

  • PPO Insurance and some HMOs will cover your bloodwork done at Quest typically (you can check whether your insurance covers by clicking: HERE), however, functional labs cannot be covered by insurance.

If you're one of Dr. Reem's patients from the past 2 years, please book a "Telehealth or In-person Follow up" visit to continue care - you do not need to re-establish care.

Naturopathic Doctor

Types of Visits Available:

Discovery Call (15min) $0 
This is a 15 minute phone call to discuss your goals and identify whether my practice is good fit for you and whether I can help you with your concerns. This is NOT a medical visit and no medical advice can be offered.  

Initial Consult (60-75 min)

  • Telehealth $275

  • In-person Visit $299    

We meet over Telehealth video call or in-person for an hour and dive deep into your main concerns (2-3 concerns per visit), review your lifestyle and try to identify areas of improvement into your diet, sleep, environment, make proper diagnoses, and order labs needed. You walk out with a comprehensive treatment plan available by the end of the day, that will be improved and personalized overtime.  Book here.

Follow up or Lab Review (30-45 min)

  • Telehealth $150

  • In-person $165 

We meet over Telehealth video call or in-person and dive deeper into your main concerns and connect the dots and together pinpoint some of the root causes of your disease. Review your supplements, address what needs to be continued vs not, plus revamp your diet and lifestyle even further.  You walkout with a comprehensive more personalized treatment plan available to you by the end of the day. 
Book here.

Quick Check in Call -  (15 min) $90  
The Visit is for returning patients only for a quick symptom check in, focused lab review and prescription refill + a very brief treatment plan.  Please do not discuss any other concerns, labs, or diet concerns on this visit. If you need more time book a longer visit please. Any time beyond 15 min will be charged at $20 for each extra 5 minutes. 

Book here.

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Urgent/Quick Call (15 min) $90 
We meet over a quick phone call for 15 min, to cover a quick urgent complaint or touch on a follow up question. Any time beyond 15 minutes will count via 5 minutes increments. Please do not book this visit for regular follow ups.

Book here.

House Calls (time and fees vary) please email doctor to discuss at OR book a Discovery Call here: 
Book here.

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