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Meet Dr. Reem Sharhan, ND

Pasadena Naturopathic Dr. Reem Sharhan | Los Angeles, Long Beach

Naturopathic Medicine + Herbalism + Clinical Nutrition

Welcome to the world of Naturopathic Medicine, Herbalism, and Clinical Nutrition, where Dr. Reem Sharhan guides individuals on a transformative journey towards a healthier life. As a licensed naturopathic medical doctor, Dr. Sharhan received training at the esteemed Bastyr University in San Diego, California. With a global perspective on medicine cultivated through experiences in the UK, Middle East, and the US, Dr. Sharhan brings a diverse and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Prior to delving into naturopathic medicine, Dr. Sharhan earned a bachelor's degree in biological basis of behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. The journey also involved collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, contributing to various research projects. Following graduation from Bastyr University, Dr. Sharhan dedicated several years to primary and urgent care at Natural Family Health Center, with a specific focus on women and children.

Dr. Sharhan's primary focus now centers around hormone regulation, gut health, general women's health and pediatrics. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals in achieving holistic well-being, addressing both internal and external aspects of health. As a perpetual researcher and lifelong learner, Dr. Sharhan is committed to staying updated and continuously educating herself to better guide individuals in reaching their health goals, with a strong emphasis on learning from their unique experiences.

​Dr. Reem Sharhan is deeply passionate about herbs and the natural world, seeing wisdom in nature's ways. Her decision to pursue naturopathic medicine stemmed from a profound personal experience ten years ago when conventional medicine failed to help her regain control over her body. This led her to explore natural healing methods extensively. Dr. Reem values diversity, having been enriched by encounters with people from various backgrounds. In her leisure time, she finds joy in photography and cherishes moments with her family and her husband Pradeep, and their grumpy middle-aged kitty.

Pasadena Naturopathic Dr. Reem Sharhan | Los Angeles, Long Beach

Education, Certification and Training:

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Bastyr University

  • Biological Basis of Behavior – University of Pennsylvania

  • MBChB Trainee (WES certified) - General Medicine and Surgery  

Live discussions with Dr. Reem

Live discussions with Dr. Sayyad at FeminoCentric discussing Endometriosis. You can also watch the discussion on IG here

My goal with you is to use the least supplements possible. Address nutritional deficiencies.  And focus on finding the root cause.  No shooting in the dark zone.

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